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Signup form error messages and unsaved changes
Signup form error messages and unsaved changes

If you see 'Form contains errors' this article will explain what has happened and how to resolve the errors and allow changes to be saved.

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When you are creating or editing your signup form in Scheme settings, lookout for the ‘Form contains errors’ message in the top left-hand corner.

Normally as you work on the form your changes will be saved automatically - you will see the ‘Changes saved’ notification pop up and then disappear, and there will be an ‘All changes saved’ message in the top left hand corner.

Sometimes, however, you will not see the ‘Changes saved’ notification. Usually this is because there is an error in the form. If you have an uncleared error, any changes you have made to the form will remain unsaved until the error is cleared. If you leave the Signup from screen before clearing the error, any changes made will be lost.

Errors will be highlighted by a red border around the question or questions where the error exists.

Open up the edit panel and make sure that all the options have been edited as required to clear the error.

A common cause of errors is where you create a dropdown field, but have not populated any list items. This will always throw up an error, because a mandatory dropdown field with no list items would create a catch 22 for applicants, where they must make a selection to submit the form, but there are no items to select.

To clear this type of error, just enter at least one list item.

If there is more than one error in your form, there may be a logic issue that requires one error to be cleared first before you can edit the other question to remove the second error. If you are having difficulty clearing an error, check to see if there is an error and if there is try and clear that one first.

Once you have cleared the errors you will then see the ‘Changes saved’ notification appear, and you will see the ‘All changes saved’ message on the top left hand corner.

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