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Member chat and file sharing
Member chat and file sharing

Members can interact via the member portal in real time, and can share files during their partnership.

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Chat via the member portal

Partners can already interact with each other via the member portal, using the goals/tasks feature, but chat makes interaction much easier and more natural.

When scheme members log in to the Member Portal they can click through to each of their live partnerships. Once they are viewing a live partnership screen they have the option to use the chat feature. This works much like the chat feature in other applications.

A member can send a message to their partner and their partner (if they are logged on) will immediately see the message and can reply, so they can chat in real time.

Each chat message sent has three dots in the top right-hand corner. Clicking on the dots opens a menu of other options including 'Edit', 'Delete' and 'Quote'.

If the partner is not logged in they will get an email to notify them that a message is waiting for them. The notifications emails are sent once every hour (on the hour) and all unread messages sent during the preceding hour will be covered in the hourly email.

File sharing

Files can be attached to chat messages, so file sharing between partners is possible via the SUMAC platform. On the right-hand side of the partnership screen there is a tab for files and any files shared via chat will be displayed here and can be downloaded. Files can also be uploaded and saved directly into the files tab, which will generate a chat message so your partner knows you have shared a file.

Privacy and safeguarding

Chat means that it is not necessary to share email addresses between members in order for them to be in contact with each other - once a partnership has been formed, partners can make contact and stay in touch via chat.

The chat feature does also open up potential concerns about safeguarding, as the opportunity is created for members to exchange inappropriate messages. We have therefore added a ‘report and block’ tool to the chat feature. If a member feels that they are receiving inappropriate messages from a partner, they can report this to the scheme reply email address so that action can be taken. If they wish they can also ‘block’ the partner, which will freeze all the functionality within the partnership screen (chat, goals/tasks and meeting scheduling) until the partner is unblocked.

The report and block feature is accessible from every received message, by clicking on the three dots in the top right hand corner of the message...

.. which opens the 'Report message' panel, including the 'Block option'.

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