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Partnership pre-set limits
Partnership pre-set limits

Set a maximum number of partnerships for mentors - or allow them to set their own

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You have the option to apply a pre-set partnership limit to all mentors in your scheme so that all mentors can be matched multiple times, up to the limit you have set. You can find the setting on the ‘Matching’ tab in Scheme settings.

Just type in the partnership limit number and this will automatically save and will be applied to all mentors in the programme.

If you ever change the pre-set limit, any mentor who has fewer mentees than the new limit will automatically be sent a notification email to let them know they may be assigned additional mentees.

You will also see the option to toggle a switch to allow members to change their own pre-set partnership limit – either up or down. When this is enabled, mentors can log into the member portal, select ‘Edit profile’ and can then adjust their personal partnership pre-set limit.

Note than mentors cannot change their partnership limit to zero, as this would allow them to make themselves unavailable which could be problematic for scheme managers. If a member wishes to change their availability status to unavailable they will still have to contact the scheme manager/s who can action this through the admin interface.

In all cases, mentors will remain ‘available’ for matching until their total of provisional and live partnerships is equal to their limit.

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