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Import/copy scheme settings and data
Import/copy scheme settings and data

You can import (or copy) scheme settings and member data into new or existing schemes from other schemes in your account.

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Import scheme settings

Whether you are updating an existing scheme or setting up a new scheme, you don't have to configure all the scheme settings from scratch - you can import scheme settings from other existing schemes in your SUMAC account, effectively copying them from one scheme to another, and saving yourself the effort of have to recreate signup forms, email templates and so on.

On every tab in Scheme Settings there is a button that gives you the option to 'Import settings'.

For example, on the 'Basic' settings tab you can import basic settings from any other existing scheme in your account. Just click the 'Import settings' button and then select the scheme whose basic settings you want to copy.

Then type 'Confirm' and click the 'Confirm' button and all the settings for that tab will then be imported into the current scheme from the selected scheme and will be automatically saved. You can now make any further changes you want to make without having to start from scratch.

Similarly, if you want to copy the signup form from another scheme, go to the Signup form tab in Scheme settings, click the Import settings button, select the scheme whose signup from you want to copy and click 'Import'. The signup from will now be populated with all the questions and content, including dropdown lists, from the selected scheme.

The same applies to the Matching tab, the Email templates tab and the Tags tab.

Import scheme data

You can also import scheme data in the form of member records, from any existing scheme.

Go to the members Data Screen ('Members' in the left hand menu) and click the Import data button.

Again, you can select from the list of available schemes, type in 'Confirm' and click the Confirm button, and all the member records from the selected scheme will be imported.

Note that only the 'core' data from profiles will be imported. The profile will not populate the fields specific to the current scheme, which will be blank. You can email scheme members using Group Email to ask them to log in and update their profiles.

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