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Setting goals within a partnership
Setting goals within a partnership
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It's important for any productive mentoring or coaching partnership to set goals and measure progress. SUMAC® now allows scheme members to set partnership goals conveniently and simply from within the member dashboard.


To get started, simply log in as a scheme member. The summary panel for each live partnership will display in your member dashboard.

This summary panel includes partnership goals and scheduled meetings. From here, goals can be added, revised and edited from the summary panel at any time by either partner.

Click add goal to add a new goal or click the three dots to update an existing goal. Edit options include updating the goal statement, updating the further information text and adding/updating a target completion date or deadline (this is optional).

Click the Expand icon to expand the goal and view goal details. Here you can also add any associated sub-tasks which allow progress towards the larger goal. This is shown below with a main goal (publish a paper in a scientific journal) broken down into the various tasks it will take to achieve that goal:

In the expanded view tasks can be viewed, updated and marked as complete.

Click the three dots to update the sub-task.

As tasks are completed, you can click the check box on the left to mark as complete. As individual tasks are completed the overall goal will display progress towards completion with a % complete figure and a visual indicator. This will allow partners to see at a glance where progress is being made.

Key points

✅ If you choose to add a target completion date or deadline, SUMAC® will send a reminder email to both partners if the task or goal is not completed by the target date.

✅The goals functionality is also displayed in the partnership profile screen and the same functionality is available here, along with other partnership details.

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