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Guide: Running Auto Matching
Guide: Running Auto Matching
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Having more than one way to match members allows for a tailored approach to managing your scheme. SUMAC® has individual matching from profiles, bulk matching from the Bulk Matching screen, and now, Auto matching. This new approach will put the heavy lifting on SUMAC®, allowing you more time to work on other tasks.

How do I configure Auto Matching?

To use Auto Matching effectively, it will need to be configured. The settings for Auto Matching can be found in Scheme Settings and the Matching tab:

Auto Matching Options

There are various options which will affect the behaviour of Auto Matching. These can be tailored to suit your scheme configuration.


When the matching will start.


How often the matching will run: Once, every week, monthly

Matching Score Cutoff

Any matching scores below this percentage will be ignored.

Percentage Matched Cutoff

The amount of matches required overall in order for the matching to complete. If the number of matches doesn’t meet this percentage of total possible matches, the matching won’t complete.


When this is toggled to Yes , SUMAC® makes provisional matches but doesn’t finalise, leaving them for review on the Bulk Matching page.

Disable Signup

Toggling this option to Yes will offer a date-picker so that you can set a date to disable any new signups to the scheme (this works the same as toggling Allow Signup to No).

⚠️SUMAC® will email the admin responsible for configuring Auto Matching with either an error, review, or success email.

Reviewing Auto Matching

After auto matching has completed, you will receive an email. If the Review option was toggled, then visiting the Bulk Matching page will allow you to review each of the matches. From here, the process flow for completing the matching is the same as Bulk Matching.

The flow for matching (who accepts the partnership, how emails are handled etc.) is determined by the settings found in Scheme Settings and Matching Flow.

Clearing Auto Matches

If you decide that the Auto Matching results don’t quite match expectations, there is the option to clear the matches and start over. Looking at the screenshot above, you’ll notice the button in the top right: clicking this will reset all the provisional matches and allow you schedule another Auto Matching run.

⚠️The Clear Matches function can also be used to clear matches made manually in Bulk Matching.

Matching flow

Looking to create a matching flow for your scheme? Check out our article that’ll take you through the basics!

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