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Managing custom emails
Managing custom emails
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SUMAC® comes with useful standard email templates covering the main stages of the partnership process, as discussed in our article covering system emails. However, SUMAC® also allows you to create your own templates for other use cases. Setting these up is simple

Custom emails

To create a new custom email template, click on Scheme Settings and the Email templates tab

From here choose New Email Template to start creating your template in the text editor

You will be asked to choose a custom email name and subject. From there, create your email body in the text editor.

SUMAC®'s email editor also offers a useful way of customising your template further by using drop-in fields which dynamically swap with data relating to the recipient. Simply choose the fields you would like to add from the drop down (you can add multiple as with this example below)

And click the blue add to email button to insert them.

You can also add up to five attachments to your email (max size 10mb).

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