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Creating a members report
Creating a members report
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It's important to be able to report on the status of your schemes. SUMAC® allows you to create reports and download them in .csv format.


To get started, click the Reports button on SUMAC®'s left-hand menu

Within the Reports page, choose Members from the Report Type drop down menu.

Choosing sub-sets of members for reports

Now you can choose which members you'd like to include in your report from the Selectors drop down menu.

You can choose all members, mentors, mentees or dual role members. You can also report on multiple fields by clicking Add Selector.

Adding filters

From there, you can add multiple filters to further refine your report. For example, you may want to show all members who are withdrawn and have the tag '2022 cycle'. To do this simply choose 'withdrawn' from the drop down menu and toggle the slider to 'yes', add another filter, then choose the 2022 cycle tag from the list (as below):

You can then preview your data in the Report Preview pane and click Download to begin downloading a .csv file.

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