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Text and Date Picker signup form fields
Text and Date Picker signup form fields

Configuring these fields to make sure they gather exactly what you need from your members.

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Configuring these fields is roughly the same as configuring dropdown fields or preferences. There are some basic options and toggles, with some specific options for text fields.


Once you’ve chosen the type of field you want to add to your signup form, you can then choose how you want to configure the field. For Text and Date Picker fields, you have the following choices available:

  • Field name - give the field a name

  • Placeholder - add your question/text

  • Required - toggle Yes or No depending on whether the field is required or not

  • Admin only - toggle Yes or No depending on whether the field should be viewable by admins only

  • Display For - Choose if the field should display for Mentor, Mentee or both

For Text fields, you also have additional options:

  • Multiline - Selecting Yes will display your placeholder text in full, by creating multiple lines.

Most of these settings will be self explanatory.

Key points

👍 Only dropdown fields are currently used in matching, though the fields mentioned above can be used to gather supplementary information used to guide the matching process.

👍 Multiline text is good if the question is a little ambiguous: answers can still be short, but at least there's room to write more!

❗️ Don't make your placeholder text too long as you won't be able to see it when using the form. Keep it for hinting about the content rather than explaining the question.

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