How do I add a scheme?

Adding a scheme is a click away!

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Adding a scheme shouldn't be a complex process. Thankfully in SUMAC® it isn't and can be completed in a few seconds.

❗️ This action can only be performed by an account coordinator!


To add a scheme, first click on Settings (the cog icon), then Account Settings in the top menu bar. Here you'll see the Add Scheme button.

Dropdown menu showing available admin pages

In the popup that will now have appeared, fill in the Scheme name and Scheme reply email fields and then click Confirm. You’ve now created your new scheme! 🎉

View our 'How do I add an account coordinator' article to find out how to add administrative users to the scheme.

Popup for adding information and details about a new scheme.

The Reply Email is the email address that will receive all scheme notifications. This will include new sign-ups, new partnership confirmation and will be used for reminders.

Key points

👍 Schemes can only be created by account coordinators.

👍 Only account coordinators can add scheme coordinators to schemes.

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