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Viewing a scheduled meeting
Viewing a scheduled meeting
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The schedule view provides a familiar calendar to allow you to quickly see what’s coming up and make changes if need-be.


To view your schedule, click Schedule link for the scheme you’d like to view, either on the left-hand dropdown menu or within the scheme dashboard area.

Once on the schedule page you’ll notice that the current day is highlighted in bold. You’ll also see past meetings are slightly faded.

Upcoming meetings show in bold text. Clicking on the meeting will show the details. Here you can cancel or edit the meeting. In both instances, SUMAC® will email the other member in the partnership to let them know.

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There’s also the option to add a note - perfect for jotting down thoughts pre, during, and post meetings! See our how-to article for more information on this.

For a step-by-step guide on scheduling meetings, see our article: Scheduling a meeting.

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