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Editing your personal details
Editing your personal details

Keeping your details up to date and relevant

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Keeping your details up to date and relevant is something you should be able to do without much hassle. Fortunately, SUMAC® provides a simple and quick way for doing just that.


Visit your personal details for a given scheme. In this instance, we’re only enrolled in one. To view your profile, click Profile for the scheme you’d like to update your details for.

Once on the profile page, check over the existing details, then click on Edit Details.

Once you’ve opened the popup to edit your details, make sure that there aren’t any validation errors - you might need to scroll back up and check them all.

👍 Once you’ve checked everything and submitted the form, you’re done!

Note that an asterisk next to a field means that it’s required so you must fill it in before the form will submit.

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