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Adding notes to meetings
Adding notes to meetings

Take notes during meetings with customisable visibility permissions

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SUMAC® provides an easy way of taking notes during meetings; each note is attached to its own meeting, with permissions for visibility making it easy to allow access to admins, your partner, both or just yourself. You’re in control!


Head to the Schedule page for a scheme.

Once on the Schedule page, click on a meeting. This will open a dialog for the meeting. From this dialog, you can add notes for this particular meeting.

Click on Add a note and type out the note content. Once done, there are two permissions toggles that will determine who can see the content of the note: Share with scheme admins and Share with partner. The former will allow the scheme administrators to view the content of the note. The latter will allow your partner to see the content of the note.

Toggling both options makes the note viewable to both your partner and all the scheme administrators.

Once you’ve written out the note and toggled the relevant permissions, click Save. You should now see the note attached to the meeting, with labels showing what visibility it has.

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You can add as many notes as you like to each meeting. Perfect for noting everything down!

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