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How do I add an account coordinator?
How do I add an account coordinator?

Manage your schemes with multiple coordinators

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To manage your scheme, you’ll need coordinators. There are two levels of coordinator currently available in SUMAC®. The highest level with the most ability is the Account coordinator. Since you’re the one configuring the account, this is the level that you have. You can do all that the second level Scheme coordinator can do, but can also add new schemes, add new administrators and more.


Firstly, you’ll need to be an account coordinator. An easy way to check if you are is to look at the Settings menu. If you have Account settings as an option, then you’re all set. If not, you’re not an Account coordinator and so cannot add other coordinators.

On Account settings, you’ll see the option Add account user. Click this and fill in the popup, making sure to add in the schemes you’d like them to have access to.

Once you’ve clicked Confirm, you’re all done! The coordinator will receive an email informing them they’ve been added and prompting them to set a password.

⚠️Don't forget

Make sure you select the appropriate level for the coordinator you’re adding. We recommend only having one or two account coordinators and instead using scheme coordinator roles and assigning schemes. This will prevent any unauthorised access of data.

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