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How do I adjust the matching score weighting?
How do I adjust the matching score weighting?

Ensuring that the generated scores are as accurate as possible

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The matching scores are affected by a lot of factors: how many fields, how many items in the matching fields, and so on. They are also affected by the weighting associated to each member type.


Visit the Scheme Settings page by clicking the cog menu up the top right

Once Scheme Settings loads, click on Matching. This will load the panel with the sliders for each member type. The explanatory text underneath the types explains which member type it affects and the boundaries for the percentages.

You’ll now see two sliders. By adjusting the sliders, you can configure how SUMAC® calculates the matching scores allocated to each member in the potential partnership. More weighting given to a mentor will result in percentages lowering from the point of view of a mentee and rising from the point of view of a mentor.

We’ve set a sensible default for the matching weighting in SUMAC®. After adding fields and configuring them, it’s worth experimenting in Test Mode to see how it affects the matching scores.

Key points

✅ Adjusting the weighting to suit the scheme configuration allows for the best scores to be generated at time of matching.

✅ Different schemes may benefit from different weighting, though the defaults will still provide a good starting point!

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