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How do I add a preference field to the signup form?
How do I add a preference field to the signup form?

Preferences power the matching process

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In much the same way as linked fields are added to the form, preference fields require a source dropdown to link to and pull options from. We’ll look at how to create a preference field below and then show what it looks like on the signup form.


Head to Scheme settings and then click on Signup form.

Once you can see the form and the fields on the left, drag a Dropdown field onto your form. For the purpose of this article, position isn’t important. You can choose where to place the field.

Populate the dropdown with a few items, and configure the options. For a guide on this, see What types of fields can I add to my signup form? and Adding fields to the scheme signup form. If you’re satisfied, click the cross to collapse the dropdown field options.

Now you’ll need to add in a preference field so that we can link them.

Once you’ve added the preference field, you’ll need to find the Link to field dropdown and choose the dropdown you wish to associate the preference with. We’ve chosen a dropdown called Child dropdown in the image.

Preference fields inherit the options from the field that it links to meaning that you don’t have to re-populate the preference field. SUMAC® will do this automatically. Preference fields cannot be linked to any other field type other than dropdown fields.

How it will appear on the signup form

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