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How do I view partnership meetings?
How do I view partnership meetings?

Check the health of partnerships by viewing the partnership meetings

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Members can schedule and add notes to partnership meetings. If they have set the permissions to allow scheme coordinators to view the notes, then you will be able to see the notes attached to each meeting. Below we’ll walk through viewing meetings and notes for a given partnership.


Head to the partnership profile and click the Meetings tab. Below the meeting statistics, you’ll see the meetings for the partnership.

To view the details, click on the View button (far right of the table). A dialog will appear showing the meeting details and any associated notes. This note has a label which describes the permissions for the note - it’s visible to the member, their partner and to the scheme coordinator.

The meeting statistics provide some useful insight into the health of the partnership.

All statistics are for meetings which took place - that is, they were accepted by both parties.

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