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Managing system emails
Managing system emails

SUMAC® usefully comes with standard email templates

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Running a scheme effectively hinges on clear and effective communication. SUMAC® provides the means to do just that: keep your users informed every step of the way through their mentoring journey. Read on to discover what SUMAC® offers, straight out of the box!

System emails

System emails are those provided by SUMAC® to cater for the main stages in the partnership process: welcome, provisional, confirmed match, and terminated partnership. You can find the email templates in Scheme Settings and the Email templates tab:

Choose one of these system emails to open the email template. From here the template can be used as it is or customised further by using the text editor and by adding drop-in fields (highlighted in blue) which dynamically swap with data relating to the recipient.

You can also add up to five attachments to your email (max size 10mb).

Don't forget

👍 Within these templates you can make use of the drop-in fields to save time and personalise the emails for the recipient

👍 SUMAC® also allows you to create custom emails. Read our article on Managing Custom Emails to find out more

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