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Linking fields together on the signup form
Linking fields together on the signup form

Linked data can help clarify a user's position on certain key data points in your scheme and improve matching results.

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It’s sometimes useful to have two fields which are linked so that the data gathered is more useful. School and Department are one such coupling, or City and District.

In this article we’ll show how this can be done and also what the result will look like on the form.


Head to Scheme settings and then click on Signup form. You’ll see the above with the available field types on the left (Information, Text, Date Picker etc.) and the form layout on the right. In order to link two fields together, you’ll need a few dropdown fields. Drag and drop the dropdown field from the left pane to the right to add it to your form. Once done, you'll see the options as below:

The options for a dropdown form field

In order for the link to work, you'll need more than one dropdown field, Follow the same process as above to add another dropdown to your form.

Linking fields

Viewing the most recently created dropdown, you'll notice the setting Parent Dropdown. Toggle this and select the first dropdown you created. You can now see the parent options below, with space to add in child/linked options.

Once done, the linked dropdown options will only show when the parent has a selected option.

Key points

👍 Your form should only have a linked field if necessary - don't overdo it as this adds complexity and will reduce the likelihood of obtaining good matching scores.

👍 Ensure there's a solid parent -> child relationship between the two fields to be matched.

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