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Configuring signup form fields
Configuring signup form fields

Creating a succinct and focused form will ensure the most suitable data is gathered

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Once you’ve chosen the type of field you want to add to your signup form, you can then choose how you want to configure the field. Some fields, like First Name, Last Name and Email aren't configurable in the same way as others as they are default fields (they'll be present on every form and can't be removed).

Field settings

Below, you'll see the various settings that are available for fields (specifically a dropdown field in the screenshot below). As you can see, there's a lot of flexibility in how the fields will be shown on the form:

A view of the scheme settings for a dropdown field

All other fields share a few common settings:

  • Field name - give the field a name

  • Placeholder - add brief explanatory text/an example

  • Required - toggle whether the field is required or not

  • Admin only - choose whether this field should be viewable only by admins and not members

  • Display For - choose if the field should display for Mentor, Mentee or both member types

For Information fields, you can also toggle the following settings:

  • Multiline - Toggling this active allows for users to enter multiple lines of text instead of a single line.

For the remaining types (dropdown, multiple dropdown, preference), the following settings are available:

  • Options - these are the elements which appear in the dropdown list.

  • Parent dropdown/Link to field - this allows you to define a linked dropdown. A linked dropdown is one where on selecting an option from the parent dropdown, the child/linked dropdown options change at the same time.

    • The options in the parent dropdown work effectively as "containers" for the options in the child/linked dropdown. Confused? Read our article on how linked fields work for a more in-depth explanation!

    • Note: for preference fields, the Link to Field setting will be present instead of Parent Dropdown. This indicates the field which the preference pulls the dropdown options from, and also which SUMAC® will use in matching.

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