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Adding fields to the signup form
Adding fields to the signup form

Creating a signup form is easy with SUMAC®!

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Creating an effective form is key to ensuring that the correct data is gathered from your members so that the best matches can be made.

First steps

As either an Account Coordinator or a Scheme Coordinator, head to the Scheme Settings page via the menu option in the sidebar, or the cog dropdown at the top of the screen:

Once the page loads, you'll see the tabs at the top of the Scheme Settings page.

Select Signup Form.

Page layout

The signup form designer allows you to drag and drop fields from left to right in order to create your form. The layout you specify is the layout the form will take; this is what your users will see when they come to sign up.

There are two sections to the page, the left column of available field types:

and the right column which is the body of the form:

Adding new fields

As previously stated, to add new fields is a simple matter of dragging and dropping the field from the left panel to the right. In this instance, I'm adding a Date Picker field underneath the Email field:

Once the field has been dragged across, you can then edit the various options to suit. Read our article about configuring form fields to find out how that works!

Remember, you can easily move fields to another location by clicking and dragging. Simply click on the handle icon (six dots) to do this.

Key points

👍 Keep your form uncluttered - short and simple is best

👍 Be prepared to re-work the form - it could take a few iterations to work everything out!

👍 Don't be afraid to gather feedback from your users - adding a link to your survey tool of choice in a Text Field is one way of doing this

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